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The epitome of sexy-chic, Implicite launched in Paris (2007) inspired by the lives and loves of la Parisienne.

Effortless sexiness and body-worshipping silhouettes represent a new generation of French lingerie: Bold but always feminine. Wearable but always chic. Mysterious but always playful.

Direct from Paris

Implicite’s modern French lingerie debuts online and in select boutiques in the US with exclusive designs you can’t find anywhere else.

Our experienced design team is in the heart of Paris, led by women who understand how to play with lingerie every day.

“We are always creating, discovering new fabrics, studying every catwalk and café, capturing the French cool, and bringing it to you. Because feeling beautiful and powerful is sexy.” – Verity, Implicite Designer

French lingerie made to play… toujours (always).